An ice fisher waits for a catch. | Douglas E. Walker/Corbis

10 Ways Warmer Winters Wreck Earth

Rising temperatures could melt some of the fun from winter as climate change affects sporting grounds, kitchens and even people's love lives.

Published On 10/25/2013
1:12 PM EDT
Wayne Gretzky, of the Edmonton Oilers, controls the puck during a game at Nassau Coliseum on Long Island in New York in 1981. | Bettmann/CORBIS
A woman carries skis at sunrise in mountains of Vail, Colorado. | Joe Morahan/Corbis
Snowmobiling in Togwotee Pass region of the Bridger-Teton and Shoshone National Forests near Moran, Wyoming. | Richard Hamilton Smith/Corbis
A flock of black and white snow geese takes to the air at New Mexico's Bosque Del Apache Wildlife Refuge. | Darrell Gulin/Corbis
Maple farm staff tap the sweet sap of maple trees in the maple farm around Sucrerie de la Montagne, a 35-year-old sugar shack, in Rigaud, Quebec, Canada on March 6, 2013. | ZHANG DACHENG/Corbis
Mature Fuji apples on a tree in California have a coating of a plant surface protectant that reflects infrared and ultraviolet radiation to prevent sunburn and heat stress. | Steve Goossen/Corbis
A couple kisses over a baby carriage. | Frank May/Corbis
A large bull moose walks thru the fall foliage in Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska. | Doug Lindstrand/Design Pics/Corbis
The crescent moon is seen behind an ice sculpture during ice and snow sculptures festival at the Eight Lakes Park-Resort outside Almaty, Kazakhstan, on Jan. 14, 2013. | SHAMIL ZHUMATOV/Reuters/Corbis