A blue whale. | Andreas Tille, Wikimedia Commons

10 Ways Animals Live Longer

What are the universal keys to longevity? An extensive look at multiple birds and mammals reveals 10 predictors that an animal will live a long life.

April 15, 2014
8:00 PM EDT
Wikimedia Commons
A prairie dog. | Gunnar Ries, Wikimedia Commons
Wild proboscis monkeys foraging. | shankar s, Flickr
A toucan. | Berit, Wikimedia Commons
A raccoon. | Eric Schmuttenmaer, Flickr
Squirrel in a tree. | FinlayCox143, Wikimedia Commons
If evolving to become an arboreal animal isn't in the cards, spending at least some time (semi-arboreal) in trees helps. | Marieke I Jsendoorn-Kuijpers, Flickr
The researchers believe that the ability to fly or glide is the #1 key to bird and mammal longevity. | Wikimedia Commons
Flamingos in flight. | Jerry Friedman, Wikimedia Commons