Don't let old man winter get the best of you. | Johannes Kroemer/Tetra Images/Corbis

10 Techs Taking On Old Man Winter

Don't let the blizzard get the best of you.

Published On 01/22/2016
2:30 PM EST
Save your back with this robotic snow plow. | ideaLaboratories
NYC's snow-thrower is a household snowblower on steroids. | MTA
With 600 degrees Fahrenheit as its disposal, this machine can melt even the coldest snow and ice. | MTA
It's hard to believe, but there are some people who want to pile on the snow instead of getting rid of it. | Snow at Home
Not your grandfather's snowball fight. | Hammacher Schlemmer
Fling snowballs farther than you thought possible. | Hammacher Schlemmer
This carbon-fiber sled has been clocked doing 40 mph. | Snolo
These hi-tech goggles have a heads-up display and link to your smartphone. | Recon Instruments
Combine skiing and sledding into one fun sport. | Snowbull
The Canadian military is working on stealth machine. | David Prichard/First Light/Corbis