Polar bear near arctic | iStockphoto

10 Signs Climate Change Is Already Happening

The following list provides a sampling of some of the key pieces of evidence that climate change is not just a prediction, it is already underway.

Published On 04/22/2013
11:00 AM EDT
Holidaymakers crowd a beach resort during a summer scorcher in Dalian city, northeast China's Liaoning province, in July 2012. | Corbis
Hikers approach the terminus of Athabasca Glacier. Athabasca Glacier occupied most of the valley in the 1960s, but in the last fifty years global warming has melted most of it. It may be gone by 2030. | Ben Cooper/Corbis
Sea kayakers in Spitzberg, Svalbard Islands, Norway. | Frilet Patrick/Hemis/Corbis
This is a satellite image of a massive iceberg calving from the Petermann Glacier in Greenland, collected on July 19, 2012. | DigitalGlobe via Getty Images
Gentoo Penguins (Pygoscelis papua) walk along rocky shoreline past icicles hanging from tidal ice shelf in Cuverville Island, Antarctica. | Paul Souders/Corbis
Corals are seen at the Great Barrier Reef. Rising carbon dioxide levels in the world's oceans due to climate change, combined with rising sea temperatures, could accelerate coral bleaching, destroying some reefs before 2050. | Handout/Reuters/Corbis
Sea level rise is swamping coasts; Rodanthe in the Outer Banks of North Carolina is pictured. | Andrew Kemp, Yale University
Joshua Trees all over Southern California bloomed in April 2013 for the first time simultaneously, and for the first time in over three years due to drought conditions. Botanists theorize that the massive blooms may be due to global warming. | Ted Soqui Photography/Corbis
Residents walk past damaged houses in in Breezy Point, a neighborhood in the Queens borough of New York which was left devastated by Hurricane Sandy November 12, 2012. Picture taken November 12, 2012. | Adrees Latif/Corbis