What could possibly go wrong on a trip to the beach? We'll tell you. | Getty Images

10 Reasons You Should Never Go to the Beach - Ever

Science is no stranger to spoiling a good thing, even a lazy summer on the beach.

Published On 08/05/2013
7:00 AM EDT
The beach isn't likely to attract any sunbathers given how much trash lives its shores. | National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
This researcher is collecting a sample of beach water to test for human waste. | L.A. Cicero/Press Release
When you're building a sand castle, these little bacteria are taking up residence inside it as well as your hands and maybe even your intenstines. | National Institutes of Health
A seashell makes for a much better beach souvenir than a staph infection. | National Institutes of Health
Norovirus, pictured here, can lead the stomach and intestines to become inflamed. | Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
A rip current may not look like much from above, but you wouldn't want to see it from below. | National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
dinoflagellate bloom | Alejandro Díaz, Wikimedia Commons
A ''bucket brigade'' of workers removes oil from Ao Prao beach on Koh Samet island. | Jack Kurtz/Corbis
The sun rays can do a lot more than cause a burn if you're out too long. | Getty Images
Skin cancer begins as a tiny melanoma on the epidermis. | iStockphoto