A red-eared slider turtle at the Cincinnati Zoo. | Greg Hume/Wikimedia Commons

10 Nasty Invasive Species the U.S. Exports

Many ecosystems have fallen before the onslaught of American-made invasive animals, such as racoons and largemouth bass.

Published On 10/18/2013
1:15 PM EDT
An American Lobster, Homarus americanis, on the Atlantic coast of North America. | David Wrobel/Corbis
An American Bullfrog is seen in a mating pond at the Jurong Frog Farm in Singapore December 11, 2008. The only frog breeder in the city-state breeds bullfrogs primarily for human consumption. | Corbis
Gray squirrel leaping with a nut in its mouth in Derbyshire, England. | Andrew Parkinson/Corbis
Raccoon licking its mouth after raiding a trash can in a public park. | R. Al Simpson/Corbis
An American mink on beach shore. | Needsmoreritalin, Wikimedia Commons
A crayfish platter served at a restaurant. | Olaf, Wikimedia Commons
A largemouth bass gets hooked on a line. | F Eugene Hester, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Wikimedia Commons
A rosy wolf snail, Euglandina rosea, from Kauai, Hawaii. | Dylan Parker/Flickr/Wikimedia Commons
A Colorado beetle eating a potato plant. | Petko Danov/Getty Images