The fork-tailed drongo uses its talent for a life of crime. | Tom Flower

10 Most Unusual Animal Vocal Mimics

The animal kingdom is full of vocal mimics, including some who use the skill to cleverly outwit others.

Published On 05/01/2014
2:00 PM EDT
Dolphins copy both sounds and behaviors | Peter Asprey, Wikimedia Commons
An Asian elephant knows at least five words in Korean. | Wikimedia Commons
A harbor seal uttered phrases with a Boston accent. | Amanda Boyd, US Fish and Wildlife Service
The superb lyrebird is like a living audio recorder/player. | Wikimedia Commons
Margays can do a great impression of monkeys. | Malene Thyssen, Wikimedia Commons
House cats talk bird and maybe human, too. | David~O, Flickr
Dogs can be trained to say phrases. | misshappiness, Flickr
The male gray catbird uses imitations to compose its own songs. | Wikimedia Commons
A beluga whale can mimic an entire group of children. | Steve Snodgrass, Wikimedia Commons