Originally developed as a pesticide and disinfectant, Zyklon B was used by Nazi Germany to kill people. | Michael Hanke / Wikimedia Commons

10 Good Techs Turned Bad

Technologies that can improve lives can also take them away.

October 14, 2013
7:00 AM EDT
3-D printers can print nearly anything you can imagine, including weapons. | iStockPhoto
Two men examine a kit of dynamite and wire found during sabotage incidents of Owens Valley Aqueduct, Southern California, circa 1924. | Los Angeles Times Photographic Archive, UCLA Library / Wikimedia Commons
The Onion Router, developed in 2002 – reroutes Internet traffic so that users are much harder to trace. | The Tor Project
An IBM 601 Multiplying Punch Machine from 1931. | Wikimedia Common
Men of the 12th Royal Scots wear respirators during a gas attack on a front line trench, Meteren, June 1918. | Wikimedia Commons / Imperial War Museum
Detailed map information can provide useful information for terrorists. | Google Earth
Tech support people use remote access software to trouble shoot a computer remotely. | iStockPhoto
This is a letter to Tom Daschle sent as part of the the 2001 anthrax attacks. | FBI
Unmanned autonomous vehicles are used to drop bombs. | iStockPhoto