An 1887 newspaper illustration depicts an evening séance. | Corbis

10 Crazy Fads That Swept America

Check out these 10 bizarre fads that suggest the perennial dangers of boredom.

Published On 06/19/2013
6:00 PM EDT
Pole sitters in the Netherlands try to break the world record. | Etienne Werner/Corbis
A 1924 newspaper photo shows the final hours of a dance marathon in Washington, D.C. | Corbis
Harvard freshman Lothrop Withington, Jr., swallows a live goldfish. | Corbis
Members of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity at George Washington University crowd in, around, and on top of a tiny Renault auto. | Corbis
A streaker at the University of Missouri gets menaced by a dog in 1973. | Corbis
A rural mailbox awaits its grisly fate. | iStockphoto
The dangerous fad of car surfing is associated with, but not limited to, teenagers. | Reuben Wu/Getty Images
The so-called "Cinnamon Challenge" has become a recent fad. | Corbis
The planking craze has gone global: A young man planking at a building in China's Liaoning province. | Corbis