Entire Company Gets Fired: Getting fired via email is probably the lowest of the low (except for, perhaps, getting dumped by text) and you’d probably suffer the misery alone. But for the 1,300 employees of the London-based firm Aviva Investors, the loneliness wouldn’t have lasted long. Everyone got fired. No, the company didn’t go bust, someone sent the “thanks but no thanks” email to every employee by accident. They intended to send it to only one employee. Awkward… (10:04 p.m.) via ibtimes.com

Real Life Hunger Games: Two men have been arrested in Utah for setting deadly traps along a trail popular with families and kids. The traps were rudimentary, but dangerous. One, when triggered, would’ve sent a 20-lb spike-covered ball swinging toward the victim, while the other involved tripping a person into a bed of spikes. Using social media, the local police were able to track down the two men aged 19 and 21 who set the traps. Their reasoning is unknown. (3:20 p.m.) via DailyMail

Vitamin E in Supplements: Two forms of vitamin E found in nuts and vegetable oils — gamma and delta-tocopherols — may protect against cancer. But the most commonly used form of vitamin E, alpha-tocopherol, which is used in supplements, has no benefit. In fact, its use appears to increase the risk of prostrate cancer in men and decreases bone density. The study was reported in the journal Cancer Prevention Research by researchers from Rutgers and and the Cancer Institute of New Jersey. (2:31 p.m.) via Futurity.org

Sanctions for Bad Regime Helpers: U.S. foreign nationals who use new technologies to help governments repress their people will be punished under new sanctions announced today by the Obama Administration. The new technologies include cellphone tracking and blocking the Internet. The sanctions include bans on U.S. visas, as well as financial measures, and are at the moment mostly targetting Syria and Iran. The Washington Post published details of the executive order before President Obama included it in a speech today. (1:35 p.m.) via Washington Post

Single Man Seeking…iPad?: For one in 10 single men, the lure of an iPad 3 is stronger than a new woman. A new poll of 600 people found that 11 percent of bachelors would rather own the latest in Apple tablet tech than find a new lover. Three percent of the surveyed single men even said they would leave their lovers to get the latest iPad. Women, on the other hand were far more likely to choose love over technology, with 84 percent saying they’d rather have a new love than an iPad 3. Unanswered, however, was whether the women would choose a man who would choose an iPad over love. Seems unlikely. (9:20 a.m.) via Press Association

Formula One Race to Return to Bahrain: Sebastian Vettel, defending world champion of the Formula One race, maintained his lead over the weekend in Bahrain, though throughout the race it was clear winning wasn’t everything. Protests over the government’s record of human rights abuses eclipsed much of the news. “In truth most teams will be happy simply to make it to the airport after the race without anything serious occurring,” reported the Telegraph. Despite the controversy, Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone welcomed the opportunity to return the race to Bahrain again in the future. (7:20 a.m.) via Telegraph