Travel Basecamp Martinique / Saint Lucia launches with an adrenaline-pumping day of racing traditional Yole sail boats. The adventure starts off the island's east coast, an hour or so from Fort-de-France. Moving at high speeds and dangling precariously over emerald waters - these boats are designed to stay afloat only while in motion: in other words, if the boat stops, it sinks! Our teacher and pro-racer Jean-Yves Aglae teaches Basecampers the technical ins-and-outs of Martinique's most popular sport (the Le Tour de Yoles Rondes is the largest sporting event on the island). The race culminates at the gorgeous and secluded "Oscar Island." There, we kick back and enjoy the evening and massage sore muscles. What a way to start the trip: heart-pumping activity, gorgeous Caribbean waters, a crimson sunset - and a mouth full of sand for Basecamper Sarah. ;)

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Basecamp is a reality documentary series about a bunch of friends traveling around the world seeking alternative experiences in popular travel destinations. Booking stereotypical resort packages for the logistics and security, we then bust off the grounds and interact with locals to find the best adventures in the region.

This episode features basecampers Troy Peckham, Sarah Bobas, and Bradley Augustin.