Yikes! MRSA Found in U.K.

Milk: A new strain of dangerous antibiotic-resistant organism MRSA has been

found in milk from five different farms in England, reports The Independent.

Tests of

1,500 milk samples turned up seven that were tainted with the new MRSA, a so-called super bug

that causes severe infections in humans.

It's thought that the widespread use of

antibiotics in dairy herds to prevent udder infections is behind the new MRSA strain,

MRSA ST398, the paper says.

U.K. farmers are pressured by supermarket chains to

produce milk, resulting in overcrowded farms, where a sickness can sweep through an

entire herd.

The new bacterial strain doesn't pose a risk to consumers because the

milk is pasteurized, but it does threaten farm workers, veteranarians and abbatoir

workers, who could spread the strain.