Don’t look now, but that maple has its eyes on you. Mexico City-based studio Maizz Visual created a light installation that actually gets you to hug a tree. Blink Twice, which appeared at the Summer Set Music and Camping Festival in Somerset, Wisc., put faces on the surrounding forests.

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Using four video projectors and special animation software, the artists illuminated trees with huge 3-D faces that moved and emoted.

The artists designed the installation to raise awareness of trees and their importance in our world. After all, they provide shade, produce oxygen and store carbon.

Maizz Visual has done similar audiovisual installations in the past. One piece on display in Mexico City, called Dioses del Maiz, projected the faces of Pre-Hispanic corn gods onto tree canopies as a protest against genetically modified corn.

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Whatever your political views, you have to agree that there’s something wonderful about putting a face to a tree, something humbling. See the video below and decide for yourself.