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-What Does Horse Meat Taste Like?

People throughout Ireland and the U.K. have been scandalized by revelations that some of their beef products (such as frozen beef lasagna) have actually been made with horse meat instead of beef.

-Why Are Americans Squeamish About Horse Meat?

Mongolians love it. So do Bulgarians, Swiss, Belgians and French. But Americans -- no way. Eating horse meat is a culinary taboo that started early in our nation's history and continues today.

-Hungry for Horse Meat

I'm so hungry I could eat a horse," I thought to myself as I sat down to dinner the other night. If I hadn't picked out the steak myself I would have assumed it was a cut of beef.

-We Eat Horses, Don't We?

Recently, an official for American Horse Defense Fund, which is a fervent supporter of bills now in the United States Congress that would ban slaughtering horses for meat, declared that "the foreign-owned slaughter industry needs to understand that Americans will never view horses as dinner.