Guinness Book of World Records has just named the world's tallest known dog and cat.

The dog, seen in the above video, is a Great Dane named Zeus. When Zeus stands on his hind legs, he towers 7 feet 4 inches above his owner, Denise Doorlag of Otsego, Michigan.

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The three-year-old measures 44 inches from foot to withers, making Zeus the same size as an average donkey.

The humongous hound weighs a whopping 155 pounds and eats around 12 cups of food a day, which is equivalent to an entire 30-pound bag of food. Despite his voracious appetite and the corresponding cost, Doorlag is very happy about her pet and his new honor.

"Zeus is an awesome dog," she was quoted as saying in a Guinness press release."The only downside is that everything costs more; the food,

medicines, transport. We had to get a van to be able to transport

him, oh, and if he steps on your foot – he leaves bruises!"

When she goes out with Zeus, "The most common thing people ask is: 'Is that a dog or

a horse?' and 'Where's his saddle?'"

Zeus broke the record of the previous record-breaking tallest dog, Giant George, who is 1 inch shorter. Zeus is therefore the tallest dog ever recorded in history, according to Guinness.

I hope Giant George and Zeus get along, as that would be quite a sight to have the two of them walking together down the street.

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In terms of the tallest cat, that honor went to a feline named Savannah Islands Trouble. (You can see and learn all about him here.) Unfortunately, the cat isn't around to celebrate the victory. He died on August 15 at the age of four years and five months, according to owner Debby Maraspini's tribute page. He "escaped his home on August 15 and was tragically killed," she wrote.

He was 19 inches tall, earning him the Guinness record.

Savannah Islands Trouble was, as his name suggested, a Savannah Cat, which is a relatively new breed. Such cats are produced when an African Serval is crossed with a domestic feline. When I first read of the cat's death and size, I wondered if there could be genetic problems associated with this breed, but none have been documented, to my knowledge.

Guinness World Records also named the tallest horse, tallest donkey, shortest bull and more. Check them out at this page.

Image: Zeus, the Great Dane. Credit: Guinness Book of World Records