The alleged "world's strongest chicken" is now at the Green Bay Rodeo Challenge, held this weekend at The Resch Center in Wisconsin. The chicken, named Harry, supposedly will pull trainer and rodeo clown Rory Meeks in a specially designed chicken chariot.


lifts weights, eats a lot of corn, the starch that's what gives him the

big muscles," Meeks told WLUK reporters. 

Harry and Meeks arrived at the rodeo in a limousine escorted by a rather tough looking motorcade. Screaming fans cheered as the chicken made his entrance.

But not everyone supports the shenanigans. Green Bay animal rights activist Marilyn Roffers, for example, told WLUK, "I don't know why people need animals to entertain them."

Meeks responded by saying that he believes Harry enjoys what he does.

He concluded: "Look at the alternative, especially if you're a chicken."