World's Oldest Person Dies:

At 115, Dina Manfredini of Des Moines, Iowa, was named the world's oldest person on Dec. 5, a day after the death of 116-year-old Besse Cooper of Georgia. Manfredini held the Guinness World Records title for 12 days, dying in her sleep Sunday night.

Born on April 4, 1897, in Pievepelago, Italy, Manfredini moved with her husband in 1920 to Des Moines where she was an avid gardener and worked at home raising their children, according to her Guinness biography. At 90 she took a job cleaning houses and lived on her own until she was 110, when she moved to a nursing home.

As quoted in her Guinness biography, Manfredini attributed her long life to her commitment to "hard work and everything in moderation."

Her granddaughter Lori Logli reported Manfredini's death on Monday.