Lantronix xPrintServer: $149.95

At a private press event the night before the official start of CES, Lantronix showcased its upcoming xPrintServer. With an expected February release, xPrintServer will be the first print server compatible with virtually any device running Apple's iOS mobile operating system. The wireless device — itself about the size of an iPhone — aims to give both enterprise and consumer iOS users an easy way to do network printing with minimal hassle.

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In fact, the set-up pretty much entails plugging the xPrintServer anywhere into the network with an Ethernet cable. It will supposedly then discover any networked printers automatically. And as long as the iOS device in question is running version 4.2 or later, no further configuration will be necessary. Users will be ready to print right from their native OS print menus, without any additional downloads or apps.

Credit: Lantronix

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