Feeling a bit randy on that transcontinental flight, but lacking a partner who will take a stab at joining the Mile High Club? Fear not, you frisky flier, the new Wingman app was created to help your cockpit get cleared for take off.

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Essentially a Tinder and Grindr-like app for the oh-so-friendly skies, Wingman works like this: users create a profile with photo, first name, age, occupation, flight number and airline. Log on to the inflight Wi-Fi and up pops a list of DTF-travelers willing to make a little turbulence in the lavatory.

It started as a tongue-in-cheeky joke by 24-year-old copywriter Gabe Whaley, but the app eventually aroused interest as a tool to lubricate the gears of proposition.

“I think it will make people curious, and you never know: someone might use it, and it might start a conversation that they might not have otherwise had,” Whaley told Animal New York. “It could turn out to be really good, or really bad. Either way, I think it’s really funny.”

Whaley and his colleagues hope to have the beta version of the app ready by April, with a hard launch tentatively slated for summer. But first the group has to master their domain, in that they need to make it through the gauntlet of Apple’s App Store regulations. If denied, the group says Wingman will still exist as a mobile Web page.

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While Whaley said it’s “incredibly unrealistic” that people will use his app to pursue sex at 30,000 feet, either way, he thinks it’s a stimulating enterprise. “Whether they go through with it or not has nothing to do with the app,” he said. “It has everything to do with them.”

Care to “reserve your seat?” You can sign up for Wingman’s latest developments here.