Turn up the volume and enjoy some Wines That Rock (Photos: Wines That Rock)

Turn the volume up to 11 and grab your corkscrew… With classic tracks from The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Police, The Grateful Dead and The Woodstock Festival blasting in the cellar, winemaker Mark Beaman has crafted custom wines for each of these legendary artists and their timeless albums — blending one-of-a-kind wines with Rock ‘n Roll mythology.

The result is Wines That Rock, five award-winning wines that look as good taking the stage on your bar as they taste in a glass.

Having a thick steak? That calls for Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon Cabernet Sauvignon.  Or you could go with the Rolling Stones Forty Licks Merlot if the party is a little more “spirited.” That backyard barbecue you’re having next week is perfect for The Police’s Synchronicity red blend, or if things are a little more mellow, go with the Grateful Dead red blend instead. Feeling a little more free and easy? Nothing better than the Woodstock Chardonnay for that. Especially if there will be dancing in the mud involved…

And in case you’re thinking these are novelty wines that taste like old grape juice strained through a pair of Mick Jagger’s skinny jeans and are better just kept for display, these bottles were created to be opened and enjoyed. And the slew of medals won in wine competitions prove it. Think of it as winning the wine industry’s version of multiple Grammys. Seems mother’s little helper just got a whole lot tastier.

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