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Acne Causes: When Skin Attacks
"Where there is lots of sebum, there is a fertile home for acne vulgaris, the most common form of acne."

Scientists Honor Frank Zappa, Naming Human Zit-Causing Bacterium Now Infecting Vineyards
"In a striking case of pathogen transfer involving the bacterium responsible for human acne, P. acnes, authors Campisano, et. al., report in the journal Molecular Biology and Evolution on a new type of P. acnes which exploits grapevines, dubbing it P. acnes type Zappae."

Now Wine Grapevines Get Acne, Too
"The bacteria that made your high school days a living nightmare also terrorizes the plants that help you cope with that early emotional scarring: Italian scientists say a close-relative of the bacteria that causes acne has jumped from humans to wine grapes."

Acne Bacteria Found in Grapevines Named for Zappa
"Italian researchers find a strain of bacteria that causes human acne is now embedded in grape plants, and they named it after the late composer Frank Zappa."

Zit Bacteria Found In Grapes Named After Frank Zappa
"Science can be weird sometimes. So can Frank Zappa."

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Why Zoos Kill Healthy Animals

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