Shatoetry for iPhone: $2.99

Over the past 50 years, a lot of things have changed in television. The shows we watch, how we watch and the people we watch have all evolved. But you know what's stayed the same? Our fascination with William Shatner. Love him or hate him, that guy has been all over TV and movies for almost half a century. The 81-year old actor has hit a new milestone with an app that lets users turn any group of words into a "Shatism."

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The Shatoetry iPhone app has a library of pre-recorded words from the original Captain Kirk for users to turn a phrases in the most entertaining of ways. Once you've created your perfect Shatism, you can share it with your friends and have them send one back. You can even up the dramatic ante by tapping each word up to three times to increase the intensity that it's pronounced with.

An update for special occasions will be available soon with extended vocabulary for the holiday season. According to the Shatoetry website, a contest will be held to find the best Shatism arranged on the app for Shatner to perform. The man himself is plugging the app in the video below. Check. It. Out. 

via: DVICE

Credit: Shatoetry