Wife Runs Over Husband with Car for Not Voting: An Arizona woman ran down her husband with her car after Obama won re-election, reports NBC News.

Arizona resident Daniel Soloman, 36, was run over by a car this week by his wife Holly Soloman, 28, after she discovered his "lack of voter participation" in last week's presidential election.

The couple's argument escalated such that Mrs. Soloman chased Mr. Soloman around a parking while driving a car. Mr. Soloman was not able to dodge the car for long, and Mrs. Soloman eventually pinned him under the vehicle as he attempted to escape onto a side street. In spite of Daniel's lack of participation, Gov. Romney did win Arizona's 11 electoral votes in the 2012 election.

Mrs. Soloman believes President Obama's administration will cause her family to "face hardship" in the coming years. via NBC News