Mars is a planet ripe for exploration by mankind. Or is it? As NASA struggles to justify a manned mission to the Red Planet, what technology will we need to get there? Also, before we set foot on the Martian surface, what advanced rovers will we need to scope out the surroundings, making sure it's safe? But before we start getting bogged down with all these details, what's there and how can we exploit it?

Mining Mars? Where's the Ore?

We may not be prospecting Mars anytime soon, but scientists have mapped out where on the planet we should look -- some day.

Could the Tumbleweed Rover Dominate Mars?

We've explored Mars with satellites, landers and rovers, could the next robotic exploration vehicle be spherical in shape and inspired by the humble wind-blown tumbleweed?

VIDEO: Tumbleweed Rovers Could Explore Mars

New concepts for Mars-probing rovers would use Martian wind to move around the planet. James Williams gets a look at two of the designs.

Roving Mars in Award-Winning Style

How would you like to explore the Martian landscape? Jump aboard the Manned Mars Exploration Rover, a self-contained mobile base designed to deal with the worst the Red Planet can throw at it.

Travel to Mars in 39 Days?

Reaching the Red Planet could take dramatically less time than once thought using the high-tech VASIMR rocket, according to one scientist.

Next Mars Probe Gets Carbon-Sniffing Tool

A new tool for the next Mars rover will allow it to definitively detect organic matter, avoiding controversy that has plagued results from the Viking lander.

Mars' Ice Age Revealed in Map

Radar revealing remnants of a vast ice sheet under Mars hint at the Red Planet's climate changes over millions of years.