The drought in California has reached unprecedented levels. In April, Governor Jerry Brown announced state-wide water restrictions for the first time ever, and on Twitter, wealthy folks like Kanye, Kim and Sean Penn are being drought-shamed.

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A Wi-Fi sprinkler could be the solution to both problems. The smart sprinkler, from Denver-based startup company Rachio, replaces the automatic sprinkling system with one that’s connected to the Internet and allows homeowners to control it from a smartphone. Because of various functions that improve water efficiency, the app could reduce water use by 30 percent.

Rachio was founded by software engineers Chris Klein and Franz Garsombke, who were inspired to create it after experiencing Colorado’s drought in 2012.

Thanks to the smart sprinkler being connected to the Web, it can monitor the weather and shut down the watering when it rains. Admittedly this is not a huge problem for places like California, where rainfall is low.

But saving water isn’t just a problem for California. Plenty of other states around the country waste water and I’m sure I’m not the only person who has seen a sprinkler system running full force in a rain storm.

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Rachio’s smart sprinkler also adjusts watering times for each season and can water intermittently which increases absorption and encourages grass roots to grow deeper. That could definitely benefit lawns in California.

It could benefit other drought-stricken states as well and also provide homeowners with a new way to lower their water bills.