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Researchers Prove the Five Second Rule is Real
"Food picked up just a few seconds after being dropped is less likely to contain bacteria than if it is left for longer periods of time, according to the findings of research carried out at University's School of Life and Health Sciences."

Scientists Study What to Do If You Drop a Cookie on the Floor
"Once again, you've dropped your snack. You bend down, snatch it up and gently blow off any dust - and hope, deadly germs."

Study: Five-Second Rule Is (Mostly) Legit
"A UK study is contradicting the conventional wisdom that the five-second rule is mostly bunk, claiming the amount of time food is on the ground really does have an effect on how much bacteria gets on the dropped item."

Surprising Science Experiment Backs 5-Second Rule For Dropped Food
"If you've ever consumed food after dropping it on the floor and then wondered what sorts of diseases you might be contracting, here's a new study that may put your mind at ease (or not).

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What Really Causes a Beer Belly?


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