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Homophobia Takes Years Off of Your Life
"There's a price to be paid for homophobia, and it's a steep one: Approximately two and one-half years off of your life."

Anti-Gay Prejudice and All-Cause Mortality Among Heterosexuals in the United States
"We determined whether individuals who harbor antigay prejudice experience elevated mortality risk."

LGB Individuals Living in Anti-Gay Communities Die Early, Study Shows
"In the first study to look at the consequences of anti-gay prejudice for mortality, researchers found that lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) individuals who lived in communities with high levels of anti-gay prejudice have a shorter life expectancy of 12 years on average compared with their peers in the least prejudiced communities."

Structural stigma and all-cause mortality in sexual minority populations
"Stigma operates at multiple levels, including intrapersonal appraisals (e.g., self-stigma), interpersonal events (e.g., hate crimes), and structural conditions (e.g., community norms, institutional policies)."

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