Runner's High Motivation: The theory goes that humans evolved to run long distances. So runner's high encouraged us to do so. And animals, like ferrets, who evolved to lay around don't need that high. Along comes science to figure out if runner's high could be shared and who has it and why. "Researchers at the University of Arizona recruited 10 humans, 8 dogs, and 8 ferrets, and measured their endocannabinoids levels before and after a 30-minute treadmill run," according to Sweat Science Runner's World. They found that the humans and dogs get a psychological and physiological boost from going for a long run, but ferrets (which typically spend 14 to 18 hours per day asleep) just find the "whole experience annoying."(6:00pm)  via Sweat Science Runner's World

Redraw an Ancient Continent: Starting January 2, 2013, federal funding for scientific research and grants will see a 9 percent cut that will last until 2021. How will innovation survive? One solution could be the new Kickstarter-like website called Like Kickstarter, this site will provide researchers with a platform for pitching their ideas and give citizens a place to fund them. Help redraw an ancient continent, decode hyena calls, follow wolves of Isle Royale or understand butterflies in Peru, among many others. You could help make scientific history. (5:04 p.m.) via Singularity Hub

Placenta: What the Doctor Ordered?: Some argue one of the best elixirs to help new moms bounce back is by eating their own placenta. Before you gag, consider the possible benefits: It may help balance hormones and combat postpartum depression, it may help the uterus contract and replenish lost nutrients after childbirth, it may even boost milk production. Just ask "Mad Men" acress January Jones who told People magazine she took placenta pills after giving birth last fall and claimed it helped her spring back into shape. If you decide it's worth the plunge, the next question is how you take it. Some, like Jones, have the placenta placed into innocuous pills, other cook it up in lasagna and those with the strongest stomachs mix it raw into smoothies. Yum. (9:30 a.m.) via Washington Post

School Shooter Kills 7 Surrenders in Grocery Store: A 43-year-old nursing student at Oikos University in Oakland, Calif., who had been expelled two months ago opened fire at the school killing 7 on Monday morning. About an hour after the shooting, One L. Goh wandered into a Safeway supermarket about 3 miles from the school, where a security guard approached him. The alleged gunman asked the guard to call the police and he surrendered. (6:25 a.m.) via CBS