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Seahorse Fathers Take Reins in Childbirth
"It's true that male seahorses never play catch with their children or help them with their homework."

Female Penis, Male Vagina, and Their Correlated Evolution in a Cave Insect
"Sex-specific elaborations are common in animals and have attracted the attention of many biologists, including Darwin."

In Sex-Reversed Cave Insects, Females Have The Penises
"Researchers reporting in the Cell Press journal Current Biology on April 17 have discovered little-known cave insects with rather novel sex lives."

Charles Darwin & Evolution
"In order to leave an evolutionary legacy survival is not enough. Individuals must also reproduce."

Sex-role reversal in vertebrates: behavioural and endocrinological accounts
"Sex-role reversal occurs when females compete more intensely than males for access to mates."

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Most Painful Place for Bee Stings


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