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Can't Get it Out of My Head
"Got Kylie stuck on replay? Developed a hatred of James Blunt? Vadim Prohorov on the pesky phenomenon of the 'earworm'.

Musical Imagery: Sound of Silence Activates Auditory Cortex
"Auditory imagery occurs when one mentally rehearses telephone numbers or has a song 'on the brain' - it is the subjective experience of hearing the absence of auditory stimulation, and is useful for investigating aspects of human cognition."

Beyond Dr. Earworm
"The unusual research conducted by UC business professor James Kellaris has literally made its way around the world, garnering national and international press coverage."

Why Do Songs Get Stuck in Your Head?
"Maybe it's 'Don't Worry, Be Happy," or perhaps it's 'I Will Survive' that's been playing on an unending loop in your head today."

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Sad Songs Are the Jam
Test Tube Wild Card;_medium=DNews&utm;_source=YT
How Music Affects Your Brain

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