Read More: "Tickles Trigger Different Area of the Brain than Laughter Alone" "It's certainly interesting how one part of our brain can trigger various emotions. However, when it comes to matters of laughter, scientists have discovered that there's something silly about the different types." "Exploration of the Neural Correlates of Ticklish Laughter by Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging" The burst of laughter that is evoked by tickling is a primitive form of vocalization." "Brain Area for Ticklish Laughter Found" "A laugh that prompts you to cry out, "That tickles!" activates different brain areas than a laugh not provoked by tickling, a new study from Germany suggests." "Why do people laugh when they get tickled?" "Touch is an extremely powerful thing. The reassuring caresses, squeezes and hugs exchanged between lovers and friends generate powerful physical and emotional responses." "What is the Hypothalamus?" "The hypothalamus is a small but important part of the brain."