It's a question in our human evolution we've still been unsure about: did we develop our hands or feet first? Both have helped us advance as a species, but now new research finally names the evolutionary winner!

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Hand before foot? Cortical somatotopy suggests manual dexterity is primitive and evolved independently of bipedalism
"People have long speculated whether the evolution of bipedalism in early
hominins triggered tool use (by freeing their hands) or whether the necessity
of making and using tools encouraged the shift to upright gait."

What Evolved First, a Dexterous Hand or an Agile Foot?
"Resolving a long-standing mystery in human evolution, new research from the RIKEN Brain Science Institute indicates that early hominids developed finger dexterity and tool use ability before the development of bipedal locomotion."

Development of hands and feet may help unlock evolution's toolkit
"Thousands of sequences that control genes are active in the developing human limb and may have driven the evolution of the human hand and foot, a comparative genomics study led by Yale School of Medicine researchers has found."

How Important Are Your Thumbs?
"In biology, which is the study of living things, the human thumb has a special name.
It is called an opposable thumb because it can be moved around to touch
your other fingers."

Homo habilis
"Homo habilis is the earliest known species in the human lineage. Named in 1964 by Richard Leakey, the term 'habilis' refers to 'being handy.' This name was suggested because the hand and foot remains of this species were of special interest to the anthropologists studying locomotion."

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