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NASA Finds Lost Spacecraft on Dark Side of the Moon
"NASA scientists have found the crash site, pictured above, of a spacecraft set into orbit during the early 60s."

LADEE Status

NASA's LADEE Spacecraft Just Crashed Into The Moon
"After 8 months in space, the LADEE spacecraft mission came to a close last night when the spacecraft crash-landed into the moon's surface - just like scientists intended."

The Dark Side Of The Moon Is A Space Graveyard
"Last week, NASA's Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) ended its mission as planned, by smashing into the far side of the moon."

NASA spacecraft slams into dark side of the moon as planned
"At roughly 12:30AM ET early on Friday morning, a soda machine-sized NASA spacecraft slammed into the far side of the moon at 3,600 miles per hour."

What's On The Far Side Of The Moon?
"You probably know we only see one side of the Moon from the Earth. But for the majority of human history, we had no idea what the far side looked like."

Where Satellites Go When They Die
"On Tuesday a DirecTV satellite was launched into geosynchronous orbit from a platform in the Pacific Ocean."

The Day Skylab Crashed to Earth: Facts About the First U.S. Space Station's Re-Entry
"On July 11, 1979, the world watched as Skylab, America's first manned space station, hurtled toward Earth."