Each week we at Discovery News honor the best of our readers' comments across our Facebook and Twitter feeds! Watch the video below for my response to your angriest, funniest comments.


Although we may have a good laugh about it, it's no joke for us at Discovery — we really do love animals (and of course sharks!). And since you're here on our Discovery News website, you probably love them too.

So this week, rather than just simply focus on what our readers have to say, we wanted to let our readers know about an amazing animal Internet resource: ARKive. The non-profit group has set out to collect a photograph of every animal species on the planet.

Got the post- Shark Week blues? Need a great white shark fix? They've got it here.

Ever wonder what a Tehuantepec jackrabbit — the most endangered species of hare — looks like? Wonder no more!

Need a cute animal fix that isn't a cat in a viral video? Try "aww-ing" over a pygmy three-toed sloth

Don't forget about all the other animals out there that don't get their own week of television programming! We don't. In fact, here are links to all of the animal stories I featured in my vlog: