Whether you knew it or not, we were testing you. Earlier today, we published a story about an ATM that dispenses tasty, tasty cupcakes, jump-starting a brainstorm of Dream ATMs amongst ourselves. Then we asked you what you wanted an ATM to dispense. Our Facebook and Twitter crews stepped up to the challenge and the DNewsroom was a-buzz with dreamy ATM wishes. The Top 10 Dream ATM responses were…

  • Real Men or Real Women

  • Chocolate and other comfort foods like bacon or mac & cheese

  • World Peace

  • Lots of Money!

  • Beer, Wine, Tequlia, Coffee

  • Suncreen and beach accessories (or for another season) scarves and mittens

  • Helpful items for parents (Diapers, Wipes, babyfood, snacks)

  • Organic foods, packets of herbs and spices or potting soil

  • Baguettes and ice cream!

  • A Department of Motor Vehicles ATM


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It seems many of you wanted the ATM to spit out metaphorical or intangible things like messages from the afterlife, notes from God, happiness, contentment, energy, time and one person hoped for an ATM that dispensed the end of ignorance. But, on the opposite end of the spectrum were some truly earthbound responses: airplane tickets to anywhere, good jokes, one hundred dollar bills instead of tens, millions instead of hundreds or simply just free money.

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The range of Dream ATMs for food was fantastic! One of our writers wanted everything from common grocery items (bread, milk, fruit), to farm fresh organic fruits and vegetables or Girl Scout Cookies. We even invented ATMs to fulfill our tech tendencies, with one writer inventing a new business model:

Something like Redbox, but instead of it dispensing a disc, you feed it a MicroSD card and it loads the movie right there. Then, you can play it so many times (on your phone and/or laptop or TV) within a certain time period…

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Another writer created a revolutionary medical device — an ATM that can provide basic health diagnoses with some casual input from your body –  while it seems that another might have be in the doghouse as they suggested an ATM to provide on-demand flowers, greeting cards, souveniers and little gifts.

Ultimately, there was one Facebook commenter whose comment stood apart from the imaginary foodie ATMs, money ATMs and wish-granting ATMs. He yerned more for the human behind the machine. His comment said the best part of a transaction was the face-to-face interaction. I agree; having a conversation and smiling at a real person would never replace the convenience of some ATMs… Unless I really just wanted a quick little cupcake.

Image: Corbis