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Mysterious New Object Discovered in Space
"A strange and mysterious new object in space may the brightest and long-lasting 'micro-quasar' seen this far, a miniature version of the brightest objects in the universe."

Supernova Photos: New Star Explosion in Galaxy M82 Seen by Stargazers (Photos)

Bright New Supernova Blows Up in Nearby M82, the Cigar Galaxy
"Wow! Now here's a supernova bright enough for even small telescope observers to see. And it's in a bright galaxy in Ursa Major well placed for viewing during evening hours in the northern hemisphere."

Astrophotographers Rush to Capture Images of New Supernova 2014J
"With news yesterday of the closest confirmed type Ia supernova since the 1800's, astronomers in the northern hemisphere risked frostbite and hoped for clear images of the newly named supernova 2014J."

How a Supernova Works
"Humans are born, then we grow and die. Our life cycles are basically the same as those of the massive stars twinkling in the night sky -- if we exploded in a blaze of glory at the end of our time that is."

Will Earth Survive When the Sun Becomes a Red Giant?
"Billions of years in the future, when our Sun bloats up into a red giant, it will expand to consume the Earth's orbit."

Nearest Supernova In 27 Years Explodes in M82 Galaxy
"A supernova has been spotted in the constellation Ursa Major (between the Big and Little Dipper in the night sky) in the M82 galaxy (affectionately known as the cigar galaxy) by a team of students at University College London."

Supernovas & Supernova Remnants
"Every 50 years or so, a massive star in our galaxy blows itself apart in a supernova explosion. Supernovas are one of the most violent events in the universe, and the force of the explosion generates a blinding flash of radiation, as well as shock waves analogous to sonic booms."

How Stars Work
"Several billion years after its life starts, a star will die."

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