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9 Political Views We Can Deduce From Your Drinking Habits
"Republicans are lightweights and Democrats drink wine. See what else SurveyMonkey helped us dig up through a survey regarding people's drinking habits and their stances on various political issues."

Let the Nanotargeting Begin
"Over the past decade, political campaigns, interest groups and a network of private companies have developed sophisticated tools to target tinier and tinier fractions of the electorate."

Politics of Wine & Liquor Brands

You are what you drink, says new study
"Are you partial to Wild Turkey Kentucky Bourbon? Chances are, you are a solid Republican. Perhaps your preferred drink is Wild Loon? Yes - that makes you a Democrat at least twice over."

What your favorite drink says about your politics, in one chart
"Consumer data suggests Democrats prefer clear spirits, while Republicans like their brown liquor."

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What Tattoos Say About You


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