Whale Carcass Becomes Shark Magnet: After the carcass of a 46-foot a Bryde's whale washed up on the rocky shore of the South Africa tourist town of Knysna, tourists were warned to steer clear to avoid possible swarming sharks. Officials say they expect sharks to feed on the enormous dead animal. Meanwhile, workers began chopping up the whale’s body and hauling parts away by road to try and discourage the foragers. (9:20 a.m.) via AFP

North Korea Rocket Blows Up: Shortly after take-off, the long-range rocket the international community had strongly warned North Korea not to launch, broke apart before escaping Earth's atmosphere. The pieces of the rocket fell into the sea. In a break from previous denials of failure, the North Korean state media admitted the rocket had not managed to put a satellite into orbit. (6:07 a.m.) via CNN