While the rest of us have progressed from fast forwarding tapes to skipping CD tracks and onto shaking our iPod to skip songs, employees at London-based digital creative firm Agency Republic studios have yet another way to interact with music. They've created a sound system that’s controlled by a poster that changes songs when something is thrown at it.

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The poster is hooked up to a knock sensor that’s connected to an Arduino nano encased in a “magic box.” All of that is connected to Spotify, the digital music service. When someone throws something at the poster — shoe, eraser, pen, copy machine — it will move on to the next song in the Spotify queue. Put this in every office setting and you'll get to know your co-workers music preferences pretty quick, which could either lead to camaraderie or all-out music warfare. Check out the video below for demo:


via Laughing Squid

Credit: Agency Republic