You may rely on your mobile device's pre-installed weather app to find out what it's like outside. However, if you like a little more atmospheric info with your morning coffee, you might want to check out the Netatmo weather station.

The app-controlled system comes with two silver cylindrical modules, one for the outdoors that runs on AAA batteries and one for indoors that plugs into the wall. After downloading the app and syncing the station to a Wi-Fi network, you can view the weather and temperature conditions inside and outside your home.

This weather station measures everything from humidity to indoor acoustic atmosphere.

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Outside variables like humidity, weather conditions and temperature are measured and use the AQI (air quality indicator) rating system from the U.S. EPA's AIRnow program. That rating measures the kind of pollutants are in the air. The AQI ratings go from 0 to 200, the higher the number the worse the air quality. A color system ranging from green to red — green being the safest, red being the most hazardous — is used along with the AQI numbers to make noticing changes in air quality easier.

As far as the modules go, the slim cylinders are made from durable aluminum and are UV-resistant. Despite its strong exterior, it's best to keep the outdoor module in a spot outside where it won't get wet when it rains.

Alerts can be set up to let you know what levels of carbon are in the home, and when is the best time to open up your windows and let fresh air in. This section of the app also gives a monthly summary of weather and temperature conditions, like what minimum and maximum temperatures have been inside and out of your home. The app works along multiple devices, iOS and Android, so that everyone in the family with it installed can check the weather before heading out.

Credit: Netatmo