As camera phones and mobile tech have proliferated, it’s clear that there’s an art — if that’s the word — to the phenomenon known as the selfie. Autophotography can be a tricky business and some selfies are better than others.

A persistent issue with selfies is the necessity of holding your camera at arm’s length, but that may not be a problem for long. The Nixie is a quadcopter camera drone — currently in the prototype phase — that’s designed to be flexible and lightweight enough to wrap around your wrist. When a selfie opportunity arises, the Nixie detaches, flies to a likely spot, hovers and takes a picture.

DNews: Using Your Selfies For Science!

“You should be able, with a gesture, to tell the quadcopter to unfold,” says designer Christoph Kohstall in the Team Nixie demo video. “Then it’s going to take off from your wrist; it knows where you are. It turns around, takes a picture of you, and comes back. You can catch it from the air and put it back on your wrist.”

The idea of a selfie-taking camera isn’t new. High-end autonomous drone cameras like the Hexo are designed to facilitate high-def video of extreme sports, for instance.

But the Nixie seems like the kind of idea that could really take off (heh) as a fun and functional riff on wearable tech. If 21st century technology has taught us anything, it’s that smaller always equals better, and you can never underestimate people’s desire to document themselves.

via Engadget

Credit: Team Nixie