Water Bottle Self-Fills from Air: By definition deserts have very little water laying around, but moisture does exist in the air. A new water bottle can now suck the water straight from the air and self-fill, reports PRI.

The idea may sound novel, but it's a copycat. The Namib desert beetle performs this feat of science every day, using the water in the air to survive in the arid climate.

Using nanotechnology, this water bottle copies the beetle's skill and is can extract the precious water from the humidity in the air (even when it's fantastically low).

The bottle uses a "hydrophilic and hydrophobic coating" on the inside to encourage the water in the air to condense, eventually accumulating enough for drinking.

"We see this being applicable to anything from marathon runners to people in third-world countries, because we realize that water is such a large issue in the world today, and we want to try to alleviate those problems with a cost-efficient solution," said Deckard Sorensen to Public Radio International.

The bottle is not yet available, but the hope is to see it for sale by 2014. via PRI