Photo: Nathalie Rollandin via YouTube

We’ve all seen incredible footage of adventure sports shot by one of those GoPro cameras — from outrunning avalanches to encountering dolphins to BASE jumping. Even with HD quality and a waterproof casing, a GoPro video camera is still small enough to mount on just about anything — your handlebars, your surfboard, your helmet, or even strapped to your body with a chest harness or wrist band.

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But with such a convenient small size to go just about anywhere, the GoPro can also fit inside a seagull’s mouth — which is what happens in this video as one Nathalie Rollandin tries to capture footage of a sunset in San Francisco:

Fortunately, the seagull landed within sight and running distance of Rollandin, who quickly ran to retrieve her camera when the seagull put it down. Presumably, that meddling bird flew away.

Why the seagull did this we don’t know; a camera obviously doesn’t look like food. Perhaps it was just looking for its big break à la Steven Seagull? (Bad joke, I know.)