This bus does push-ups. Image via YouTube screenshot.

It seems that all of London is getting really pumped for the upcoming Olympics- even the buses. This week, Czech artist David Cerny unveiled his latest sculpture, a classic red double decker bus, equipped with enormous arms that allow it to do push-ups. Called the “London Booster,” the six ton bus is powered by a hydraulic system that took Cerny six months to design and build.

In addition to knocking out push-ups, the bus makes groaning noises. It has been installed outside the Czech Olympic House in London, where it will remain for the duration of the Games. Cerny told “I hope, besides its monumentality and humour, the London Booster shows a certain ambivalence and irony.”

Considering how excited people get for the Olympics, I don’t think people will pick up the irony vibe; they’ll likely just find it funny and cool.