Photo via FlippyCat on YouTube

When Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh painted his now famous The Starry Night, little did he know that it would later become a prime example of post-impressionism, so well-known that prints and images of it have adorned many objects found in modern art museum gift shops. I’m pretty sure Van Gogh wouldn’t have known during his time that this same painting would be recreated by the use of 7,000 falling dominos, by domino artist Flippy Cat:


Flippy Cat is no stranger to the art of falling dominos. The Canadian’s YouTube channel not only has this video of “Vincent van Dominogh” (with all its post-video outtakes), but of other domino-falling renditions of art. Van Gogh may have been an artist known to be arguably crazy, but if there’s anything Flippy Cat should be known for, it’s having a lot of patience.