Reading, it’s so inefficient. Most people move their eyes back and forth over a page, wasting precious time. A new software flashes the words directly into your eye to help you speed-read like a pro.

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The speed-reading program comes from Spritz, a Boston-based startup that created technology for users to read text without moving their eyes. It works by displaying one word at a time in a 13-character space. A red letter with the word marks the “optimal recognition point,” where our brain understands the word’s meaning. Hat tip Dvice.

The company spent three years developing the technique. They say Spritz can be learned in five minutes, and several subjects participating in early testing were able to read — and comprehend – 900 words per minute. They were tested on comprehension afterward to check. Most subjects managed to double their reading speeds.

Spritz first plans to launch as part of the email application in Samsung’s Gear2 and S5 devices. The company also has plans to expand into a wide variety of gadgets, including phones, smart watches, head mounted displays and e-readers. Obviously.

E-Reader Lets You Physically Turn the Page

You can demo the the speed-reading system on their About page by hitting “click to Spritz.” It displays text at different speeds starting at 250 words per minute. I tried reading 500 wpm, the fastest available, but then continued to see the ghostly outline of their box when I paused to view a white computer screen page. They might need to add reminders to look away periodically. Blink and you miss the point.