You still hear it. Neighborhood associations right down to individuals don’t want solar panels because they’re too bulky and too unpleasant to look at. Eeewwww. Photovoltaics. Shudder.

But now a new kind of solar panel that’s as thin as an electric bill might get sun haters on the renewable energy bandwagon.

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Dutch designer Ruben Beijer from Stafier Holland created rooftop solar panels in a way that makes them barely noticeable. Instead of sitting on a supporting structure on a roof, these tiles replace roof shingles altogether. By getting rid of the support, the solar panels are streamlined and nearly flush with the roof.

In addition to fitting into both new and existing structures, the photovoltaic system is waterproof and has been tested in a wind tunnel to prove its durability in power storms.

The PV Premium photovoltaic in-roof system was awarded a 2013 Best of the Best Red Dot Design Award.