Photo: Ali Spagnola Power Hour

Obsessed golfers aren’t the only ones who are treated to an endless selection of strange, unusual and downright absurd gear designed to enhance their love of the game.

Beer fanatics can also choose from an ever-growing collection of weird and wacky products whose sole purpose is to make the beer drinking experience more enjoyable. I know, how can you possibly make the beer drinking experience more enjoyable? Here are five of our favorite products that do just that.

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Beer Fridge Wraps


You’ve gotta keep your stock of brew cold somewhere, and for most guys it’s an old fridge in the basement or garage that handles that purpose. But why should an appliance that performs such a noble duty look so drab?

Correct that injustice with a Beer Fridge Wrap. It’s a full-color, life-sized vinyl sticker that depicts a completely stocked beer fridge and a very scantily clad Playboy model, Valerie Cormier, fetching a cold one for you. (There’s also a model-free version, should your significant other object to objectification.) Perfect for turning an ordinary room into a testosteroom.



Photo: ShaKoozie

There’s nothing worse than not having an at-the-ready location to keep your shower beer cold and dry while you get ready for a night out. Professional pre-gamers know the ShaKoozie is the only way to keep suds out of your suds.

An insulated beer holder, it comes paired with a Launch Pad that sticks to your shower wall, out of the way of the spray. The magic of Velcro technology lets you drink, stick and repeat while you lather, rinse and repeat. As one of the ShaKoozie founders says, “It’s the perfect end to a bad day, or the perfect start to a good day.”

$9.99 each / 3 for $24.99

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Power Hour Drinking Game

Photo: Ali Spagnola Power Hour

At a boring party where people are just sitting around nursing their beers? Invite “drinking composer” Ali Spagnola in, and turn it into a Power Hour party.

Ali’s Power Hour drinking game consists of one rule: Every time one of her 60-second drinking songs plays from the included USB drive, you take a shot of beer from the specially designed Power Hour shot glass. (Complete with lanyard for when motor skills start failing around minute 47.) And that’s it. 60 songs. 60 shots. In 60 minutes. It’s the drinking game where everyone wins. Suck it, Beer Pong.

And just in case those complex rules still have you baffled, here’s Ali herself to explain it in detail.


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The Beer Belt

Photo: The Beer Belt

Worried you’re gonna lose that girl you just met at the party if you leave to go grab another beer? Wondering how you’re gonna juggle a plate full of barbecue and hold onto your can of brew? Rest easy, my beer loving friend, The Beer Belt has you covered.

Made of waterproof ballistic nylon and available in 5 colors (including camo, of course), The Beer Belt holds an entire 6-pack of 12 or 14 ounce cans or bottles of your favorite beer right within easy reach. And it expands to a full 58 inches to accommodate even the biggest beer belly. Since beer isn’t the only thing you might want to carry, the zippered pocket on the back keeps your money safe, and the velcro pocket on the front holds your cell phone. Think of it as a utility belt for a beer hero.



Photo: MyClicker

You don’t get off the couch to change the channel, why should you get off the couch to open your beer? The first universal remote that is truly universal, the Clicker, can help you with that.

Not only can it control up to 8 digital devices from its list of over 800 factory presets, the Clicker can also pop the top off of any type of bottle—brown, green or clear—with its convenient, heavy-duty opener built into the side. Now if it could only control a beer-fetching robot we’d never have to get up.


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