If you're not feeling the heat in Brazil, maybe it's time you found a competition with higher stakes.

Wired blogger Erik Klemetti, an assistant professor of geosciences at Denison University, is hosting the Volcano World Cup. After reading volcano facts from each of the participating countries in the real World Cup, you can "vote on which are the most volcanically excellent," Klemetti writes.

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Some highlights:

Brazil: "The volcanic Pele it is not."

Chile: "Chile has at least 137 potentially active volcanoes and thousands more volcanic features that cover the slender nation tip to tip."

Japan: "No other volcano is as explosively active as Sakurajima (above), that records hundreds of explosions every year."

The Netherlands. "Far-flung pieces of conquest are where the eruptive prowess lies. "

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If you're ready to weigh in on the big winner, head over to Klemetti's Eruptions blog. Surely you can do better than a German octopus.

Photo: Molten lava erupts from Sakurajima Kagoshima in Japan. Credit: iStock