There is surfing, and then there’s this: volcano surfing. The extreme sport involves sliding down the side of an active volcano at speeds of up to 50 MPH. Yah, it’s about as crazy as it sounds. But gosh does it look like fun!

The sport was invented by Darryn Webb back in 2005 when he was managing a hostel in Nicaragua’s mountainous northwest. As a snowboarder, Webb had been a bit intrigued by the neighboring volcano of Cerro Negro; maybe a little too intrigued? Early volcano surfing experiments involved using only a mattress! While he even tested out boogie boards, Webb eventually settled on plywood reinforced with both metal and Formica.

Construction of these boards are robust to say the least. There are no bindings to speak of. And if that isn’t insane enough, Webb now offers stand-up boards!

Of course, the biggest danger at hand is, well, the volcano. Though it last erupted back in 1999, it is still active. Tour operators work closely with the park authorities to monitor activity.

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